You CAN Have a Beautiful Wedding on a Budget!

I had the great pleasure to finalize the plans and coordinate the day of ceremonies for Jaclyn and Jimmy this Saturday in Southern California. In today’s economy, everyone has to be smart about their money, and this couple was no exception. Jaclyn and I worked at being very creative with her budget…but that didn’t show in the wedding! This goes to show that you can have a classy, memorable wedding for less than $8,000!

The theme was black, white and red which meant roses, roses, roses!

Since they were on a budget, a backyard wedding made the most sense! Thankfully, Jimmy’s mom had a beautiful home with a fantastic backyard gazebo and LOTS of space! We were able to fit 10 tables, a bar, dj, and buffet area all in the backyard with room to spare! Although this picture doesn’t show it, right before Jaclyn was ready to walk down the aisle we covered the path in what else…more rose petals! It was beautiful!

The centerpieces were also beautiful and stuck to Jaclyn’s budget! In order to drop the price for each piece, she went with a rental vase and mirror. She was able to find the vase fillers, as well as the crystals and candles, online at Save On Crafts. They have a great selection of crafts and other decorations to use for events of all kinds!

The backyard was exceptionally beautiful at night. Covering a large tree that sat directly in the middle of the yard were strings of lights. To accentuate the lighting, we hung white paper lanterns and filled each one with a battery operated twinkle light. Yes, they look beautiful here in the daytime, but nothing compares to how magical they looked that night!

Yummy…talk about a delicious cake…and beautiful too! The cake toppers might be a little different at first site, but when you see them in person, feel how old and fragile they are and understand that they were Jimmy’s grandparent’s cake toppers, it’s a cute piece of tradition to bring to the wedding!

And finally, the gifts for the guests. Small red bags filled with red and white M&Ms sat at each table, along with customized matches. Matches are a long time tradition which alway make a good gift for guest’s to bring home as a memory of the evening and the event.

It was a fantastic evening and a great couple months of planning! For more pictures of the wedding with the bride and groom, check out their friend and wedding photographer, Steadfast Photography: Steadfast Photography.

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