Your Community

K. and I have a community. We LOVE our community. We talk with them, rely on them, engage them, empower them but at the end of the day we will be the first to tell you we cannot do anything we do without OUR COMMUNITY, because they do all of that for us as well.

What is this COMMUNITY I speak of? Great question! It can come in many forms, shapes and sizes, but it is a group, a network, that you have formed around a common bond, motivator or interest. But that’s not where it ends. There is much bigger understood common goal with a community. There is a support system with the Community that takes it far beyond just your twitter followers or your Facebook Fan Page or your industry.

To define a group as a true COMMUNITY the group needs to have all agreed that they are in it not for themselves, but for what the greater goals of what the group can accomplish together, by coming together and pooling resources, time, expertise, etc.

Big things happen when we come together and we can achieve far more together, as a unified group, than I could ever hope to imagine to do as just one person. This is a humbling realization but a very powerful one if you have a Community that understands the same and is willing to fight the fight with you.

Ever heard the saying, “It takes a village?” Let me assure you, it takes a COMMUNITY!

Do you have one? Are you a part of one, or are you a member of many networks and industries just to find out what’s in it for you?


Dream Big.