Your Community…Even Chris Brogan is Behind It!

M. and I talk about our community ALL the time…M. even did a blog post about it a few months back. We know that we could not run ReCreation Camp without it. We know we can’t continue on this path for Intertwined without it. We know, and value, that it’s one of the most important connections for us!

Chris Brogan wrote a great blog post about it this week and I really think it echos all our thoughts, feelings and ideas as well…he just has a great, and unique, way of saying it.

His most powerful statement in my mind is “If you run across someone who feels that strongly about community, and who knows what to do with those feelings (because remember: execution is everything), make friends, build a relationship at once, and work forward into what you can do together.

So if you didn’t believe us, believe Chris…value your community, build it and work together!

Are you getting all you want out of this community? Do you have ideas on how you work with and grow your community? We would love to hear!

Continue to Elevate,