You’re Engaged! …Now What?!

Congratulations! This is sure to be one of the most exciting, romantic, fun, happy and whirlwind times of your life! Oooh we get all tingling just thinking about it for you! So, you got the guy (or girl), you got the ring, NOW WHAT?!

First, take a deep breath and remember this moment for a long time. Then, once you have calmed down and get a minute to yourself, we want you to remember the following so you can always dwell in the state of blissful calm:

· Do not feel pressured to pick a date right away. The first question an engaged couple is asked (by everyone) is when is the wedding? Do not allow this undo pressure to force you into having an answer right away. Give yourselves time to research the venues you would most like to get married at and then work into a date. As well, please be sure to give yourself enough time to plan the wedding calmly.

¬∑ Enjoy the process! Some brides immediately jump into action, feeling stressed that they have to have their dress, the bridesmaid dresses, flowers and linens all picked out within minutes of knowing they will be married. Enjoy the process. Take time as a couple to decide what elements will showcase you and your love. Have fun looking at stationery samples and linen swatches and tasting cakes! It is a beautiful and joyful time – don’t miss a minute by stressing

¬∑ Hire a professional planner! (ok I may be totally bias here but hear me out) Whether it is for partial or full wedding coordination, please know that hiring a professional planner will not only make the entire process easier and enjoyable (see bullet 2) but will save you money in the long run as they have longstanding industry relationships and will ensure you work with the best people for the best prices. So many brides think they (or their bridesmaids, mom, aunt, neighbor) can do it all. Don’t work so hard you miss (or mess up) your most special day. Entrust it to a professional and you will rest assured your day will be as perfect as your dreams.

Dream Big.
Photo Credit: BrittanyRenePhotography