What’s the difference between a courtesy room block and a contracted room block? It’s a question we often get asked and a topic we love educating our couples about!

Trying to give your guests the weekend of their lives starts with an amazing hotel experience! You want to make sure they’re staying at the best place for the best price! Hence, why a room block is SO important!

An easy way we like to breakdown courtesy vs. contract room block is:

Courtesy Room Block:
Rooms are set aside per the agreement, however, you are not obligated to fulfill bookings for all rooms in the agreement!

  • There are no deposits or attrition fees – no financial risk.
  • Ideal for smaller groups, as there is usually a limit of how many rooms can be blocked for the time period.
  • The downfall is in a busy season, there is limited inventory and if you only block 10 rooms to begin with, your guests who are late in booking might be forced to pay a higher rate as inventory decreases.
  • A group code is given to your guests to book rooms at a discounted rate.
  • Preferred because couples don’t have a guarantee count of rooms needed by guests!

Contracted Room Block:
All rooms contracted must be booked!

  • A credit card must be on file.
  • This sort of block does not have a hard limit as to how many rooms you can reserve.
  • This room rate MIGHT be cheaper than the courtesy rate, making it even more appealing for your guests.

 We also recommend focusing on options based on cost, offering guests both a higher end and cost conscious option when booking their rooms!

 Once you (or your wedding planner) have it all figured out, it’s best to put all the room block information on your wedding website! This way you can ensure guests have all the proper information needed to book their rooms!

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