This week, we’re switching things up. We know many of you have already had to make difficult decisions over the last few weeks due to the Coronavirus outbreak. We completely understand that the possibility (or reality) of having to change your wedding plans due to the current state of affairs can be extremely devastating. Trust us, we feel for you! Many of you have poured your heart, your time, and your money into having your dream wedding, and you’ve invited all your loved ones to attend. Whether you have decided to postpone your wedding or proceed as planned, we know this can be a difficult topic to talk about with your guests. Today, we’re giving you some guidance on how to handle guest management and communication after making the decision to postpone your wedding.

Once you have a new date in mind and have re-contracted with all of your vendors, it’s time to communicate with your guests! 

1) Create a Digital “Change the Date”

Many of our partners are offering complimentary digital designs. We know this is not something you really want to do, and they are trying to make the burden a little lighter by offering a free design. Reach out to your planner or invitation designer for help to create a design that is still part of your “wedding brand”. 

2) Collect All Your Guest Contact Info

We know you already went through the daunting task of collecting mailing addresses, but now it’s time to collect e-mail addresses. Keep the tab on your excel that relates to the “guest name on envelope” and add another column for e-mail address. 

3) Send It!

We highly recommend using! This website allows you to send custom digital Change the Dates and Invites to your guests, helping you share information with your entire guest list with the click of a button! The best part is, this is going to make the next step way easier. 

4) Six weeks from your new wedding date, send a digital invite with tracking so guests can RSVP online

  1. You can have your invitation designer update the change the date OR your invitation design to become a digital version to upload back onto! 
  2. DO NOT worry about reprinting invitations if you have already sent them out! If you are lucky enough to be postponing before invitations were sent, you can send a regular invitation as scheduled.
  3. We typically recommend sending invites 8 – 10 weeks prior, but with the current circumstances, we are recommending a shorter window of 6 weeks since conditions are constantly changing.

We hope you found these tips to be super helpful! Communicating early and often with your guests will keep them informed, let them know you are thinking about them, and save you hours spent answering a thousand phone calls and emails! Regardless of the stage of planning you’re in, or the specific decisions you’re facing, we are here to help you! Feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions – we would be more than happy to chat with you!! We are all in this together! 


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