Survival of the fittest dictates a defense mechanism in all creatures of fight or flight. But I would argue that a true Superwoman can enact both at the same time. She can fight while flying high. She can soar while digging her heels.

Months ago, when we started this blog we likened ourselves to Superwoman. So now, the big question remains, are we fighting or flying or both. Are we real superwomen? Or, are we still on the journey to receive our superhero status? Some might argue that we have taken on too much, too soon, too young to make it really work?

A company, a non-profit, fulltime jobs, a new home, blogs, twitter accounts, significant others, family, eating and sleeping are all somehow a part of our daily lives. We fight every day to fit it all in, we fight for those that can’t fight for themselves, we fly high when we succeed or you tell us that we are doing matters, we soar when we can actually have the time to clink our glasses to a job well done.

I don’t know that we have received our capes and tights quite yet and balance is something we have still not mastered, but darn it, we will fly higher and fight harder until we get there.

Super? Yes! Heroes? Maybe. Satisfied that we are doing all we can. 100%

What do you do every day that makes you feel like a super hero?!

Dream Big.