Wedding Wednesdays: Strike A Pose!

Usher might say the DJ’s got you fallin’ in love, but we argue it’s the dance floor. Dinner’s been devoured. The toasts have been made. The champagne’s been sipped. The only thing left to do is‚Äîdance.

Though often overlooked, the dance floor can be the most important part of your wedding reception. It’s the place where family, friends and in-laws intertwine with you and your new hubby to let loose after your big day.

You’ve spent so much time planning every detail: venue, flowers, cake, catering, color scheme, placecards; why skimp now?

The dance floor is the perfect way to tie everything together. Picking one that inspires your theme will impress your guests with your attention to detail and elevate the brilliance of your wedding.

Plus, it provides the ideal backdrop for those priceless photos: your first dance as a married couple, crying with your dad to the Temptations’ “My Girl,” and your mom busting a move to Jay-Z with Grandpa Joe.

From old-school black and white to vibrant colors to modern plexi-glass over pools and custom monograms, there are dozens of dance floors that will be absolutely irresistible for champagne-induced dance moves.

Here are some sure to get your guests out of their seats:

Dream Big,

Photo Credits:

1. White Dance Floor

2. Blue Dance Floor

3. Black and White Monogram

4. Pink Monogram

5. Golden Monogram

6. Over pool

7. Black and White Checkerboard