Wedding Wednesdays: The “Pre-Posal”

Last weekend we accompanied one of our couples, Janine and Jeremy, throughout San Diego as they met with different vendors for their wedding this May. While this couple is truly adorable and could not be a more perfect match, they are also quite witty as we discovered when they shared their “whirlwind wedding weekend” (we love alliteration) with us.

We of course were dying to know, as we are with all of our couples, how they met and got engaged? (I mean, really, it is one of the best parts of the job, hearing genuine, real honest-to-goodness love stories!) Their response had to be shared as they asked us if we wanted to hear about the “Pre-Posal” or the Proposal?

Wait…the what? We had to know about the Pre-Posal! The groom-to-be, in matter-of-fact certainty, described a pre-posal as declaring the intent to marry. And he did so at home, just the two of them on the couch, with a small jade ring which his fiancé still wears to this day even after receiving a true proposal and engagement ring.

We love the sweet sentiment, sensibility, and sincerity! Plus, what lady isn’t all about the opportunity to say yes to her beaux multiple times. Gentlemen, take note, the pre-posal has made an entrance.

Dream Big.

Photo Credit: Stephanie Williams Photography